Serbian migraine association is established 1999 in Belgrade as non Profitable Patient based organization It has several thousand members.


  • Willing to help, support and serve Headache population
  • Spreading experiences and new knowledge in the name of understanding and treating headache
  • Providing better communication amoung headache sufferers and medical professionalists
  • Provide higher level of headache awarness within National entity

Ways of working:

  • Knowledge spreading between professionals and sufferers through the media (TV broadcasting, Radio and Newspapers)
  • Organizing the lectures and direct communications between the patients and the leading doctors in that area
  • Knowledge sharing with Governmental Organizations in order to rise up the awareness of the importance of treating the headaches in right and timing manner

Work results performed during last year:

  • Rising of members of the organization
  • Organized promotion of informative knowledge for Family Physicians as a first line for headache type recognition
  • Leaflets for recommended procedures for treatment of headaches
  • We opened a counseling center for headaches

Our real life experience:

  • Association and doctors working closely on same place and exchanging knowledge might be a good recommendation
  • Our patient satisfaction survey is very recommendable by its results